Unconscious Bias / Inclusive Leadership Programs

How do we upskill our leaders to recognise and challenge bias in decision-making? The expectation of leadership and what this means is changing rapidly. Leaders are under increasing pressure to create innovation in products and services in a globalised and competitive market, deliver business-centred outcomes, while motivating their teams so their productivity and engagement remains high.

With the future of working requiring a new range of competencies such as working with increasingly diverse teams and organisational stakeholders, embedding inclusion as a leadership competency is becoming a high priority for many organisations. Our curriculum of carefully-curated, blended learning is designed to grow confidence and competence in challenging unconscious bias while mobilising diversity of thinking and experience to solve problems and develop new approaches to business opportunities.

Inclusive leadership and decision-making (minimising ‘unconscious bias’)

This 2-3 hour workshop is designed to help leaders recognise unconscious bias, while equipping them with practical tools to seek out diversity of perspectives to strengthen their decision-making.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A knowledge foundation of what diversity and inclusion is and how it links to business outcomes, as well as the types of biases that typically impact business-related decision-making.
  • Understanding how our brains process information and how this impacts our thinking, communication, the language we use and decisions.
  • Case studies of how unconscious bias has impacted organisations through examples of impacts of e.g. groupthink, confirmation bias, affinity bias etc.
  • Typical bias ‘hot spots’ that impact the quality of robust decision-making.
  • Practical, take-away action items to immediately start recognising and challenging unconscious bias while inviting a wide range of ideas, thinking and experiences for more innovative and effective decision-making.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how this workshop can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion practice and confidence.