Vision and purpose

Definiton of perspective: A particular way of thinking about something, especially one that is influenced by your beliefs or experiences.

Why I established Perspective Hive
I believe that you get to choose in life. You can make each decision or interaction a positive experience, or one that perpetuates thinking and patterns that are hurtful or unhelpful.

This is why I’ve created a diversity consulting hub (which I’ve called a hive) of expertise that helps companies value difference and where difference creates business value. I want to work with companies that think differently about difference.

Together with a network of specialist associates in a range of fields including coaching, data science and communications that I can draw on for different client engagements, I offer a full-service client engagement process. I bring practical, lived experience in creating company cultures where people don’t have to put their energy into masking their differences, but instead can think big and share their best ideas. Where they are psychologically safe to speak up and speak out. Where they feel a sense of belonging and respect for the uniqueness they bring to work with them.

Because when done right, inclusion programs not only help individuals excel in their careers or have the potential to change society, but they are also good for business. Good, global research repeatedly shows that it creates a whole lot of benefits – from increasing a whole range of outcomes from innovation and productivity, to wellbeing and engagement.