New – Inclusive Language & Design Workshop

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This workshop is designed to help leaders and communicators improve the cut-through of their messages and increase engagement with their teams:

  • For leaders in companies: either as spokespeople internally or externally, if your company brand includes a focus on diversity then there’s an accountability for all leaders to role model it in their behaviours and language. Leaders have the power to change behaviour and culture and thinking differently about how to communicate will help them be growth-minded in engaging and influencing.
  • For communicators: this workshop can be offered as an adjunct to media training. If clients are representing their brands and those brands have a public commitment around diversity, then using inclusive language is essential. This workshop also covers the inclusive design of communications elements such as meetings, events and the web.

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Workshops list: workplace flexibility, women in leadership, disability confidence, employee networks and 'be the inclusive CEO of your career