Perspective Hive services graphic in the shape of a hexagon covering the six key services offered

Diversity consulting services
Perspective Hive Diversity Consulting offers a range of capabilities to help companies set up and steer an inclusion and diversity agenda that makes meaningful change, drives innovation and creates business value. Depending on the business needs these six key diversity consulting service offerings can either be activated individually, or in combination with each other.

  1. Strategy & analysis

Companies that link their inclusion & diversity agenda to their business strategy and know where the gaps are, achieve better results. I offer the following diversity consulting capabilities to positively impact customer experiences and organisational culture:

  • Creating diversity strategies that make meaningful change and drive real business value. I co-developed Westpac Group’s four-pillared Inclusion & Diversity strategy  which focuses on culture, talent, customers and the community.
  • Analysis of employee and customer data is critical to know where the opportunities are as you can’t solve the problem until you know exactly what it is. For example, do you solve a female talent attraction gap through addressing hiring bias or an employee brand campaign?
  • Design of diversity surveys and focus groups provide insights around employee demographics, the inclusion culture, leadership capability and workplace flexibility. I consult on survey design and analysis so this measurement tool drives meaningful business value.
  • Accessibility or Reconciliation Action Plans: Involve business and customer consultation, writing of content and design of the marketing documents.
  1. Implementation and embedding

Strategy needs action to create results. I offer practical experience from translating Inclusion & Diversity strategies into meaningful outcomes. In particular my diversity consulting capability is:

  • Gender Equality / Women in Leadership programs that support an organisational target by building strategic business partnerships in HR and the business to change culture, hiring and talent management practices. For example, Westpac Group started at 33% in 2010 and achieved its target of having 50% of women in leadership by 2017.
  • Create the structure to embed the strategy into the business by setting up individual inclusion practices that are bespoke for particular business areas, but which link back to the overall strategy to ensure coordinated progress.
  • Identifying cross-functional stakeholders to drive change across areas of influence such as technology, property, supply chain, talent acquisition, marketing etc. I’m able to build and manage strategic stakeholder relationships, both internal and external, at all levels including senior leaders and c-suite executives to influence positive change and navigate organisational complexity.
  1. Projects and initiatives

‘On time, on budget with maximum creativity and impact’ is my project management delivery capability for diversity consulting. In particular:

  • My outstanding project planning, internal and external communications and delivery skills have previously been acknowledged through Westpac’s HR Spotlight Award program for launching high-value initiatives such as the Carers@Work program (portal, workshops and coaching) and All In Flex where all roles can be considered to be done flexibly (saw a 11% increase in flexible working take up).
  • I have created Westpac Group’s Breaking Down the Barriers disability confidence training program that won the Australian Human Resources Institute’s 2014 Disability Employment Award.
  1. Communication and marketing

My 15+ years of experience in internal and external communications includes:

  • Creating internal communications strategies to launch new initiatives and educate employees about the change so they choose to back it. I have excellent writing skills across a wide range of channels such as story telling, case studies, leader communications and news articles.
  • Managing external reputation impacts either proactively through targeted media and social channel outreach to create PR value. I have also managed media or customer social media enquiries by ensuring spokespeople are confident on delivering inclusion messaging and proof points.
  1. Advocacy and engagement

I have deep experience in creating strategic alliances; connecting communities and channeling passionate volunteers to drive change. I’ve got hands-on diversity consulting experience in:

  • Managing and running actions-focused employee networks. This involves setting up the governance to move these from talk fests about the problem to innovatively create solutions that have real business outcomes. The ABLE Employee Action Group won the Australian Government’s 2013 Excellence in Disability Employment Award for creating initiatives that made people with disability feel more included at Westpac Group.
  • Increasing leadership capability to create flexibility working environments for their teams and increase their ability to lead inclusively through educational tools and training initiatives.
  1. Governance and reporting

Tracking and communicating the collective progress against inclusion and diversity outcomes to internal and external stakeholders is essential and my diversity consulting capability covers:

  • Setting up and running regular reporting to the Executive, Business Unit Councils and other stakeholder groups.
  • Strategic external reporting including board and annual report updates, as well as Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Dow Jones Sustainability Index reporting, and industry award submissions.