Inclusive Language and Design Workshop

This two-hour immersive experience is designed to help business leaders think differently about difference and explore how their communication style shapes employee and stakeholder engagement and inclusion. 

Why is this important?

  • Cut-through – becoming aware of unconscious bias and how it impacts language and thinking helps leaders create a workplace culture where people are valued and respected for the differences they bring.
  • Relevance – inclusive design is critical to ensure that the design and marketing of products and services is experienced as authentic and relevant to audiences who have a wide range of needs and expectations.
  • Brand championship – changing the way language is used helps ensure consistency of corporate messages that are relatable, avoid stereotypes and back a strategic position on the inclusion of under-represented communities.
  • Challenging systems – unconscious bias may limit leaders’ decision-making outcomes yet their influence can be extended positively for challenging the status quo and driving results-enhancing change.

What is covered in the session?

  • Impacts of inclusion on brand – corporate & personal leadership reputation.
  • Principles for inclusive language & design.
  • Examples of best (and worst) practice.
  • Practical take-away ideas for immediate implementation.
  • Practical exercises designed to debias thinking.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how this workshop can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion practice and confidence.