Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

One of the most common reasons why we see that the diversity and inclusion agenda doesn’t get solid traction, support or accountability is that its implementation is ad hoc, tactical and largely program-driven.

Organisations that link their inclusion & diversity agenda to their business strategy and know where the gaps are, are proven to achieve better results. They are creating inclusive practices and a deep sense of belonging, based on a foundation of psychological safety.

And to make real change you need to fix both the system and the culture within the organisation. I have supported numerous consulting clients with developing their Diversity & Inclusion strategies, including during my time leading various practices at Westpac Group.

Perspective Hive offers capability in bespoke Diversity & Inclusion strategy development by:

  • Linking the change agenda to the overall organisational and people strategy, as well as key business imperatives.
  • Creating the ‘why’ for the change – linking to strategic business benefits and identified opportunities for improvement.
  • Providing a rigorous process for auditing the Diversity & Inclusion culture and system to identify the foundation strengths from which to close any identified gaps. This includes a combination of organisational and industry data analytics, focus groups, stakeholder interviews and surveys. The qualitative and quantitative data points are combined to provide a holistic perspective of where the strengths and opportunities are. See the Diversity and Inclusion Analysis Service offering for more information.
  • A tangible, practical and measurable 2-3 year action plan to drive meaningful and relevant change to close the inclusion gaps and drive greater diversity of thought and life experienced in the organisation.
  • Working with HR and leadership teams to create the conversation around why investing in a Diversity & Inclusion strategy will deliver tangible performance outcomes including higher levels of innovation, engagement and productivity.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how this service offering can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.