Diversity and Inclusion Audits

Knowing the status of your current Diversity & Inclusion culture is an important starting point from which to assess what investments will be required to make real and meaningful change. Perspective Hive offers a range of options from light-touch, high-level workplace diversity audits through to deeply analytical reviews, to support clients with assessing what their strengths are which they should do more of and what the gaps are in creating a culture where difference can be harnessed for positive outcomes.

Available workplace diversity audit and assessment services include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Surveys – to create indexed measures for the status of the Inclusive Culture; Inclusive Leadership Capability and Flexibility Culture. Also includes the development of a demographic baseline of organisation diversity.
  • Focus groups – this quantitative tool provides the ‘story behind the data’ and allows us to tap into the lived experiences of employees or customers around their experiences around the diversity and inclusive culture. This is particularly useful for complementing the data analysis as it provides anonymous verbatims that show the engagement and belonging impact of e.g. flexible working not being consistently available across the organisation or whether leaders are effectively working with people who bring diversity of thought and different ideas to work with them.
  • Policy & practice review – an end-to-end review of organisational policies such as diversity and recruitment policies, and career management practices including role design, job advertisement and progression assessments. The aim is to identify opportunities for strengthening systems and language for enhanced inclusion outcomes. Includes an assessment of key data points such as attrition and promotions against diversity criteria including e.g. split between men and women, as well as evaluation of organisational performance against industry benchmarks and key market competitors. Case study: Process and policy review for a healthcare client.

Diversity & Inclusion audits can be combined with The Perspective Hive Maturity Mapping Model.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how a workplace diversity audit can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.