Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Mapping

Some organisations are starting out on their diversity and inclusion journeys. Others are in the process of making some great change. Others have been doing it for so long that they feel they’re pushing a rock uphill and are experiencing ‘diversity fatigue’.

From our experience, many organisations have been focusing on the easy fixes – the cultural levers (fixing the people), while ignoring the de-biasing of  the organisational system which requires higher levels of investment and effort. All of this without robust governance, accountability or measurement, driven from the top, in place.

The Perspective Hive Maturity Mapping Model is run as an interactive session designed to bring cross-organisational stakeholders together to evaluate where the organisation is on its embedding of diversity and inclusion for both internal and external stakeholders. It includes a focus on employees, customers, the community and other stakeholders.

Example of the mapping model across the various indexes
The Perspective Hive Maturity Mapping Model (content left blank to protect IP – for illustrative purposes only)

The model evaluates all business practices at both a cultural and system level, against a investment result framework of:

  • Developing (tactical)
  • Progressing (strategic)
  • Systemic (embedded)

9 key result areas are measured for progress including:

In the system

  • Strategy
  • Governance & accountability
  • Measurement
  • Policies
  • Processes & principles

In the culture

  • Advocacy
  • Capability
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Communication

The outcomes of this session will be a visual, strategic perspective of where the organisation is tracking to regarding the maturity of its diversity and inclusion program. While offered separately, it can be combined with components of the Diversity and Inclusion Audit Service to provide a more detailed deep-dive to identify more granular strengths and opportunity.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how this service offering can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.