Diversity and inclusion communication plans

Diversity and inclusion is about change, and change is executed through communication. Based on my international public relations and reputation management background, combined with my internal communications experience, I’m able to help clients design diversity and inclusion communication plans so they have a proactive, strategic schedule for sharing their key messages and reaching multiple audiences.

Specific communications related services include:

  • Key messages & strategy: Developing key diversity and inclusion messages linked to the ‘why’ and the overall organisational strategy. Combined with a communications action plan targeting both internal and external audiences, this creates a regular schedule of communications activities to help ensure awareness of and buy in to the diversity and inclusion program.
  • Content creation: I have excellent content development skills across a wide range of channels such as story telling, case studies, leader communications and news articles. My work has also been published in journals including Women’s Agenda.
  • Guidelines: I supported Australian Payments Network with developing the Guidelines for Accessibility in PIN Entry on Touchscreen Terminals, designed to make it easier for people living with vision and/or motor impairments to make payments on point-of-sale touchscreens. This was a 6-month project involving consultation with the disability community, particularly people living with vision and / or motor impairments, as well as the working group consisting of the banks and other technical industry partners.
  • Awards and recognition: I have successfully supported clients with entering awards including the WGEA Employer of Choice Citation, Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, AHRI Diversity Awards and other industry accolades. This process includes the gathering of data and facts, answering the required questions by meeting the awards criteria and telling the story of progress for the organisation.

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how our communications plan offering can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.