Case study: Progress review and maturity mapping

Photo of a diverse team brainstorming around a table and with post it notes on a board

This organisation had been executing against its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy and plan for a number of years. A D&I Council was in place with measurable targets in a number of areas. They wanted to bring stakeholders from across the business together to take stock of progress to date, while identifying areas for investment to close gaps in changing both the System and the Culture.

Client industry:

Financial services

Project objectives:

Evaluate where the organisation was on its embedding of diversity and inclusion for both internal and external stakeholders. Access an objective external facilitator who would structure and guide the conversation through a range of metrics into a plan with tangible activities and outcomes.

Mapping exercise outcomes:

A range of stakeholders from across the organisation, including advocates and champions for D&I were invited to participate.

Using Perspective Hive’s Maturity Mapping Model, the participants were invited to give feedback, provide proof points and bring their ideas for further shaping the organisation’s D&I agenda.

As part of the feedback session, they evaluate all business practices at both a D&I Culture and System level, against a investment result framework of:

  • Developing (tactical)
  • Progressing (strategic)
  • Systemic (embedded)

Using a range of indicators sourced from Global Best Practice, 9 key result areas were measured for progress including:

In the System

  • Strategy
  • Governance & accountability
  • Measurement
  • Policies
  • Processes & principles

In the Culture

  • Advocacy
  • Capability
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Communication

Through the guided process of the Perspective Hive’s Maturity Mapping Model, the participants identified 3 main areas (lowest performing scores) for invest in to close the gaps in enhancing the existing D&I System and Culture.

An idea curation activity resulted in an immediately-available, tangible action plan that could be put to the Executive Leadership Team for signoff. Additionally, and importantly, a wide range of supporting proof points were captured during the exercise which could be used in supporting communication and story telling as part of the overall D&I Communications Strategy.

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