Case study: Key messages and communications

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We’ve noticed that a number of our clients are creating great outcomes for diversity and inclusion in their organisations, however there’s a big missing link: communication. When we ask them about what their diversity and inclusion key messages are or what their regular plan for communicating about their program and its outcomes, there’s often a gap.

Yet, making change is built on a foundation of communication.

Diversity and inclusion is closely linked to internal employee advocacy and engagement, as well as to external brand reputation. Creating a strategic plan with key messages for audiences, channels and segments, ensures that there’s a regular program of communication (not just ad hoc e.g. around International Women’s Day) with a standard set of key messages which are communicated consistently and linked to the overall organisational communication strategy and purpose.

Here’s a story of how we’ve helped some of our clients…

Client industry:


Project outcomes:

  • Created a set of strategic corporate key messages for Diversity & Inclusion to engage stakeholders in and influence change. The aim is to create consistent messages to be used in all communications tactics and channels. Include available organisational proof points to back the key messages e.g. diversity facts and potential story-telling content.
  • Identified key internal and external audiences to ensure targeted communication for specific sets of diversity stakeholders; identify key communication channels to reach target audiences.
  • Created a 2-year phased Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Communication Plan including:
    • Strategic communication goals for internal and external audiences
    • Identified communication actions and activities relating to Diversity & Inclusion
    • 2-year communication timeline & calendar for at-a-glance view of all planned activities.
    • Identification of industry awards to gain recognition for the outcomes delivered by their programs.

Project approach:

  • Perspective Hive ran a key messaging development workshop with key internal stakeholders (internal communications, media, social media, HR, employee action group leads) to get their input and buy-in.
  • Engaged with all relevant business stakeholders around the broader corporate communications and organisational strategy to ensure that the Diversity & Inclusion plan reflected the broader corporate messaging.
  • Worked with business areas to identify key audiences (internal and external) to provide a communications stakeholder map.
  • Perspective Hive developed the key messages, communications strategy and action plan with activity timeline and calendar, including identification of owners and key accountabilities.
  • Support the client with socialising the content and gaining signoff from all stakeholders including the Leadership Team.  

Interested in this capability? Get in touch and let’s discuss how this service offering can help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.